AMBITION’s first open workshop is this September 13th 2018 in Trondheim, Norway focusing on fuels of the future.

This is a joint open workshop between two complementary projects – AMBITION and Bio4Fuels. The workshop will provide the opportunity to exchange views, learn from each other and promote alignment in pursuit of high quality output from both projects.

This free one day workshop is delivered by the complementary projects AMBITION and Bio4Fuels. There is a growing demand for solutions that provide integration and flexibility in the European energy system. This workshop is an opportunity to discuss and influence those solutions.

The AMBITION project creates a bridge between two forms of energy carrier – grid electricity and biofuels. Integration creates flexibility between intermittent electricity and sustainable fuel production. This optimises the valorisation of peak renewable electricity and enables production of sustainable biofuel in economically competitive conditions.

Bio4Fuels develops innovative technology and supports industry to realise economic and sustainable conversion of biomass to transport fuels, along with value added chemicals, heat and power. Research aims include increasing overall efficiency and yields in pursuit of environmentally and economically sustainable and feasible fuel production.

This workshop includes expert speakers from industry and leading research institutes, as well as open discussion sessions. Energy and biofuels stakeholders are invited to network and exchange views, ideas and knowledge in pursuit of a sustainable future for bio-based fuels.

Ambition Workshop Poster Final Version

Registration for this workshop is now closed. If you would like to be notified on further workshops then please fill in the form and we can contact you when they’re available. Click the image above to read more and download the brochure with travel information.  

Organising committee: Bernd Wittgens, Francisco Girio, Jaap Kiel, Nicolaus Dahmen, Heinz Presig and Klaus J Jens.

For more information, email Bernd Wittgens at For registration enquiries, please email