Ambition Newsletter No.3

A New Energy Research Agenda

Featured in the third AMBITION newsletter:

  • Mid-term project results covering low temperature pre-treatment, gasification, gas cleaning and conditioning as well as synthesis gas fermentation
  • AMBITION’s new open workshop announced in Trondheim, Norway in September 2018
  • An overview of European Common Research and Innovation Agenda (ECRIA) projects
  • New innovation partnerships and projects

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Ambition Newsletter No.2 December 2017

Progressing Our Ambitions

Featured in the second AMBITION newsletter:

  • First Feedstock Tested – with ECN, LENG and ENEA
  • Novel Tool for Engineering Anaerobic Organisms – with DTU
  • AMBITION’s second technical workshop – Techno-Economics at Karlsruhe Institute for Technology
  • Bioenergy news from around the world, including:
    • call for contributions to IEA Bioenergy Task 42
    • A new study into the environmental impact of biofuel production
    • UK Bioenergy Mapped
    • Another BRISK Boost for Biofuels

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Ambition Newsletter No.1 September 2017

Welcome to AMBITION

A new ECRIA project tackling the ongoing challenges of energy system flexibility

AMBITION brings together research partners from 8 European countries to create strong, focused and sustainable partnerships between internationally renowned bioenergy research institutions.

Research will address the integration challenge of two parallel energy systems – intermittent electric power and renewable fuels. In collaboration, AMBITION’s research partners will:

  • Develop new and considerably improved, environmentally friendly and economically competitive production processes
  • Evaluate the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of integrating biofuels production into today’s energy system
  • Implement strategic research in a transnational context, shared with industry partners and stakeholders
  • Define new research priorities that target the need for technological innovation for the future

This, our first newsletter, outlines the scope of the AMBITION project, our research partners, their roles and the work packages that form the basis of this three year project funded by Horizon 2020.

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