Advanced Biofuel Production with Energy System Integration

WELCOME to AMBITION, a new ECRIA project funded by Horizon 2020 that aims to tackle the ongoing challenges of energy system flexibility through bioenergy innovation

AMBITION brings together 8 research partners from across Europe to:


  • Develop innovative key unit operations in biofuels production:
    • Biomass pre-treatment
    • Gasification, gas cleaning and conditioning
    • Syngas fermentation
  • Create strong and sustainable partnerships between renowned European bioenergy research institutions
  • Evaluate the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of integrating biofuels production into today’s energy system
  • Implement strategic research in a transnational context & share innovation with industry partners and stakeholders
  • Define research priorities and the need for technological innovation

Our Partners

Bioenergy supports renewable and sustainable energy goals, and provides fuel solutions for a range of industries

AMBITION aims to transform biofuel conversion technologies,  with a scope that fits within international energy systems

Latest News

Ambition Newsletter No.2 December 2017

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