Advanced Biofuel Production with Energy System Integration

WELCOME to AMBITION, an ECRIA project funded by Horizon 2020 that aims to tackle the ongoing challenges of energy system flexibility through advanced biofuels innovation and energy system integration





AMBITION brings together 8 research partners from across Europe to:

  • Develop innovative key unit operations in biofuels production:
    • Biomass pre-treatment
    • Gasification, gas cleaning and conditioning
    • Syngas fermentation
  • Create strong and sustainable partnerships between renowned European bioenergy research institutions
  • Evaluate the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of integrating biofuels production into today’s energy system
  • Implement strategic research in a transnational context & share innovation with industry partners and stakeholders
  • Define research priorities and the need for technological innovation

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Our Partners

Bioenergy supports renewable and sustainable energy goals, and provides fuel solutions for a range of industries

AMBITION aims to transform biofuel conversion technologies,  with a scope that fits within international energy systems

Latest News

Ambition Newsletter No.3

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